Qatar officials angry at fans who are filming uncompleted works a day to kickoff of the 2022 World Cup

Qatar officials threatened to smash video cameras as fans begin to share the unfinished, cramped and searing hot conditions inside the fan village at FIFA World Cup.

Qatar is already in damage control as fans begin to upload footage of the hellish conditions that await in fan villages for the FIFA World Cup.

A day to the opening ceremony and clash between the host nation and Ecuador, the fan villages still resemble construction sites.

Footage and images have shown piles of rubbles, ripped up turf and industrial machinery still on site at Rawdat Al Jahhaniya fan village, which will be home to thousands of England and Wales fans for the World Cup. Promised amenities like a fitness centre, theatre and tennis court are also not present. Inside the cabins tiny air-conditioning units are unable to cool the space during the day and rattle too loudly at night to be usable.

‘This is what £185 [$330AUD] a night gets you in the Qatar World Cup fan village. Good luck getting any rest. The noise of the air conditioner [that doesn’t keep the container cool during the day] helps drown out the rest of the racket,’ one fan posted along with video footage on TikTok.

It is the latest black eye for the tournament which has already attracted complaints over cracks and holes inside stadium grounds and a last-minute backflip to ban beer from stadiums that left fans fuming.

The latest images and footage of the accommodation awaiting fans that have spend thousands has many comparing the village to a detention centre.  ‘Looks more like quarantine camp,’ one fan posted. ‘Bros paid money to go into quarantine,’ said another. ‘Kind of looks like a Swedish prison,’ added another.

‘I’ve been on work locations in middle of nowhere with better conditions and they paid me,’ a worker posted.

Others are already comparing the 2022 Qatar World Cup to the infamous Fyre Festival  .2022 World Cup is the new Fyre festival that was a failed luxury music festival founded by con artist Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule.

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