President Museveni signs Anti- homosexual law as America , Britain revokes Speaker Among’s visas

Uganda ‘s President Yoweri Museveni has signed into law the Anti-Homosexuality Act that criminalises gay activity in a largely conservative African country.

As a result ,the United States government through its embassy in Kampala has revoked the visas granted to the Speaker of Parliament Anita Annet Among .

The law was overwhelmingly passed  by the Uganda parliament following an increase in reported cases of recruitment of vulnerable people including children in underground gay operations.  Among those targeted by the gay promoters included  schools and entertainment places .

Lawmaker Asuman Basalirwa who presented the law for parliament’s consideration as a private members Bill, while  addressing journalists in Kampala today , said Speaker Anita Among  was  the first victim of  sanctions by foreign governments following the passing of the law against homosexuality which is considered a taboo in many African cultures .

 “As Parliament of Ugandans, we have heeded the concerns of our people and legislated to protect the sanctity of the family, as per Article 31 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. We have stood strong to defend the culture, values, and aspirations of our people as per objectives 19 and 24 of our national objectives and directive principles of state policy,” Ms Among said in a statement released by her office .

President Museveni had earlier declined to sign the law and advised for some provisions to be revised . “It is important to distinguish between being a homosexual and engaging in acts of homosexuality. What is clear is that our society does not support homosexuality conduct or actions. Therefore, the proposed law should be clear such that what is sought to be criminalised is not the state of one having a deviant proclivity but rather the actions of one acting on that deviant or promoting the same in any way,” Museveni said in his communication to  the Speaker.

Museveni also proposed that the new law provides for the rehabilitation of people formerly engaged in homosexual acts but reiterated that his proposal was not binding and could be handled at a later time.

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