President  Yoweri Museveni has said that the NRM party has a historic and popular mandate to defend and protect Ugandans and their property against the wrong elements that are intimidating the population ahead of the 2021 general elections.

While delivering his end of year message to the country , a tough talking Gen  Museveni warned those inciting violelnce and intimidating voters that they are “making a big mistake”.

  “I will not allow the affairs of the people of Uganda to be messed up by criminals and traitors who cheat,” he said, warning again, “All of you who are involved, please stop. I know, and I will act.I have information. People are planning to steal elections, including election officials bribed to change results, or facilitate multiple voting. Then we have the ones who want to use violence to alter the wishes of the people,” the President stated .

Museveni  said he has credible intelligence information that several groups believed to be mainly in the opposition parties backed by foreigners, plan to destabilize the country and the elections.

“I am the head of the bush fighters. I have been leading them for the last 50 years since 1971. So we cannot allow the revolution of the people to be destroyed by crooks,” Gen Museveni stressed.

“So please, I appeal to you, it is safer for you to behave well in the remaining two weeks so that we have got good elections. Do not be tempted to think you are too clever, because we are here. With our historical and popular mandate, we shall not tolerate anyone to mess up Uganda.”

Museveni regrated to reveal and at the sametime apologized to the nation the killing of popular former national team boxer Isaac Ssenyange lias Mando Zebra by security operatives donned in police uniforms.

“I specifically decided to take on his case and I have so far found out he was killed by security personnel. I am very sorry, so sorry about this. I will bring my entire findings to the knowledge of the family. I am very sorry.”

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