Uganda’s fighter- bombers deployed in DR Congo kill ADF terrorists – President Museveni 

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni also the Commander In Chief of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) in statement issued by State House , has said that yesterday 14th October, 2023, the UPDF’s fighter bombers attacked four different points of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terrorists in DR Congo.

“These points were at: 72kms, 120kms, 69kms and 130kms from the border on the Bundibugyo-Semiliki side. As a consequence, the terrorists are running from Congo which they thought was heaven and re-entering Uganda and trying to commit some random terrorist acts,” Museveni stated.

President Museveni further revealed that the attack on a truck carrying onions to the market across the border in DR Congo the other day, 12kms from the border near Bweera, Kasese, may have been by such elements. 

“The Public is, therefore, alerted to look out for strange People that come to your area. Report them to the Police that are nearest to you. Even relatives that have been away for a long time and suddenly return. They may be part of the terrorists,” he urged.

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