Parliament to Honour Soroti Medics Who Separated Conjoined Twin from Dead Sister

The surgical crew led by Dr. Joseph Epodoi that successfully separated conjoined twins comprising one alive and one dead at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital will be honoured by the Parliament of Uganda next week.

The team carried out the delicate operation six days after the death of one twin, following a delay that inexplicably occurred at Mulago National Referral Hospital as the dead twin continued rotting and endangering the living one.

The desperate grandfather of the twins defiantly took them to Soroti Regional Referral Hospital after being allegedly advised at Mulago to take them to the village and wait for the second one to die so he buries both. The team at Soroti operated and saved the living baby.

Now Peter Busiku, the Principal Private Secretary to the Speaker of Parliament, has written inviting Dr. Epodoi and his team to report to  Parliament on April 7th, 2021 for the August House to recognize them.

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