The National COVID-19 Task Force  set up by President Yoweri Museveni has recommended that government through the Ministry of Finance should use the Direct Payment Methods (DPM) to give assistance  (money) to the vulnerable groups during the 42 day –nationwide lockdown.

Addressing a press conference this evening , the new Prime Minister designate , Robinah Nabbanja said that tomorrow government will come up with a list of people who will receive money through the Direct Payment Method after President Museveni directed that the needy Ugandans should be supported with food during the lockdown .

Although many social workers welcomed the idea to give the relief aid directly to the needy people , they  questioned how government will identify such vulnerable groups spread across the country without an authentic data bank about the welfare of all  45 million Ugandans.

“There is going to be a serious challenge on how the vulnerable people will be identified because in Uganda there is no available data for such identification. They can do it through the LC system but there are also issues of corruption and discrimination at those lower levels ,” a social worker who declined to be named but who has worked with the poor communities stated.

“Hope government will figure out how to deal with those real issues when sending money . But we are very happy that government has taken the strong-bold stand to eliminate civil servants who are largely corrupt out of this process. It is our prayer that this new cabinet -continues with these new innovative methods to ensure that civil servants and service providers don’t steal money meant to help improve the wellbeing of Ugandans at all levels ,” they added .

The national Covid-19 Task Force is  coordinating the government response against the rampaging  pandemic that has left more than 500 Ugandans dead.

The Task Force also recommended that Local Governments should be authorized  to utilize the available resources to ensure the lockdown is implemented without hurting Ugandans.

The Ministry of Health it was recommended should  provide the number of health workers to be recruited urgently  and utilise the 7bn earmarked by Ministry of finance.

It was   further recommended that all  government communication to the Public about Covid related matters and other government programs should be done through  the Ministry  of ICT led by Dr.   Chris Baryomunsi .

Essential workers will apply for car stickers online and will be issued  by the Ministry of works.


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