Nagirinya Murder Family Finally Gets Justice As Two Are Handed Sentence For Life In Prison

Three Others To Serve 30yrs Each

The family of the late Maria Nagirinya has at long last got justice when the High Court in Kampala handed down a life sentence in prison for two of her murderers Copriyam Kasolo and Johnson Lubega alias Manomano. Court had ealier passed a guilty verdict against the due for having abducted and murder Maria Nagirinya and her driver, Ronald Kitayimbwa, in 2019.

Justice Isaac Muwata, in his judgement stated that deserved the life sentence in prison as a deterrent measure to safeguard society from acts of murder .

“There are no clear explanations for why they committed these offenses apart from the motivation to acquire money. The murder was brutal and horrifying, and no amount of punishment can compensate for the loss of the victims’ lives. However, there is a need to deter others from committing similar crimes,” Justice Muwata said in his judgement .

Justice Muwata further sentenced Sharif Mpanga, Nassif Kalyango (also known as Muwonge), and Hassan Kisekka to 30 years in prison. “They were in direct communication throughout the time, the crime was committed as evidenced in the call data. They all bear responsibility for the crime.”

Sadat Katerega, was acquitted of the murder charges, as the judge said that there was no evidence to pin him.

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