President Yoweri Museveni while exhibiting his footballing skills at State House Entebbe has promised Bobi Wine a knock out in the 2021 general elections after the NRM swept the recently concluded Special Interest Groups ,(SIGs) elections across the country .

“Whether Ugandans want Bobi Wine or “Bosco” (I am made to understand that means Museveni), that is a matter that will be settled early next year.  However, recently we had semi-finals in the form of elections of the disabled, the elderly and the youth. Who won  in the 3 matches?  Bosco won without too much preparation. I am looking forward to the finals. Greetings to your foreign backers who fear a strong Uganda. Too bad for them,” Museveni stated in a series of social media posts today.

Museveni said that he had not engaged with his followers on social media directly since the 6th of August, 2020, when he posted a long piece of 21 pages because he has been busy with the NRM leadership meetings and Conferences: CEC, NEC and the decentralized virtual  National Conference of 11,500  delegates  who met at  34 different  points on  August  20th 2020.

“I congratulate the NRM fraternity, the competitors in the processes and the ones who won. Before that, we had had the elections of the youth Councils, the Elderly and the Disabled. The NRM won massively in all of them,  Museveni said  while noting  the NRM victory of  86.93% in the elderly elections , NRM got 84.84% for the disabled  and  79% in the youth polls.

The next highest scores were by the Independents, mainly, again, NRM who got 10.18% for the Elderly, 13% for the Disabled and 14.82% for the youth. The remainder, 2.85%, 2.16%, 5.23%, went to the others,” he said.

The President also recognized   Uganda ‘s atheletes – Nakayi, Nanyondo, Kisa and Cheptegei who participated in the  Monaco event where Cheptegei broke the World Record for 5000 metres.  “It  proves that with discipline, great things can and will be done in spite of the Covid19, he stated..

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