Muni University Explores Collaborative Opportunities with KNUST

By Kefa Atubani

in Arua

A delegation of six from Muni University, led by Engineer Joel Aita, University Council Chairman, visited Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Ghana on October 10, 2023 to benchmark strategies and explore possibilities for collaboration.

Other members of the delegation included Professor Simon Anguma Katrini, the Vice Chancellor; Mr. Emmanuel Banya, University Secretary/Accounting Officer; Professor Robert Kajobe, Director of Graduate Training, Research and Innovations; Dr. Nazarious Rukanyangira, CEO of Muni University Company Ltd and Mr. Aliga Alex, Deputy CEO of Muni University Company Ltd.

In a warm reception, Professor Mrs. Rita Akosua Dickson, Vice-Chancellor of KNUST, welcomed the delegation to the Council Chamber, and Engineer Aita articulated the purpose of their visit, focusing on understanding KNUST’s revenue generation methods, corporate partnerships, entrepreneurship programs, and alumni engagement initiatives.

Professor Dickson highlighted KNUST’s commitment to quality education, research, and community engagement. She expressed optimism that Muni University could benefit significantly from KNUST’s 72 years of experience.

In his remarks, Engineer Aita stated that the purpose of their bench marking visit was to understand and learn from KNUST’s revenue generation strategies, corporate partnerships and collaborations, entrepreneurship and  business incubation programmes, alumni engagement, and fundraising activities, non-academic revenue streams, public private partnerships and other business units through which the University generates revenue

The delegation met key university figures, including Professor Ellis Owusu Dabo, Pro Vice-Chancellor, and Professor Esmeranda Manful, Vice-Dean, among others.

The team explored various university units, such as the School of Graduate Studies, Alumni Relations Office, University Hospital, and the Centre for Business Development.

Excitingly, the visit culminated in the drafting of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), symbolizing the potential collaboration’s formalization. The MoU is currently under review by the legal departments of both universities and will be signed by the respective authorities soon.This collaborative venture marks a significant stride toward enhancing educational and research opportunities for both institutions.

The partnership holds the promise of fostering academic excellence, innovative research, and impactful community engagement, thereby benefiting students, faculty, and the broader society.Stay tuned for more updates on this promising collaboration between Muni University and KNUST, as they embark on a journey of mutual growth and academic advancement.

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