Thomas Tayebwa ,the Member of Parliament for Ruhinda North has made a public apology  after he presided over the illegal assault of a UMEME worker Bonny Bukenya . In a video clip that went viral , Tayebwa is seen in military style -ordering the lashing and stripping naked of Bonny Bukenya a contractor with Uganda’s main electricity distribution company, UMEME.

He serves as a member of National Economy Committee and Natural Resources Committee in parliament . He is also a member of the Makerere University Council.

And following public outrage  Tayebwa quickly realized his grave mistake as a public figure and a lawyer who should not take the law in his own hands and come out to say sorry . This  is a very rare virtue among Ugandans.

In a  joint statement with his victim signed on plain paper Tayebwa said he had reached out to Bukenya  and expressed his apologies. “Together ,we have held reconciliatory meetings with all affected parties and reached an amicable  settlement. We wish to apologize to the nation for this unfortunate incident,” he says.

Bukenya also stated ,“I have had a meeting with Hon Thomas Bukenya who has apologized to me and my family over the matter.  We have talked at length and I have agreed to withdraw all accusations against him.”

Sources said Tayembwa made some substantial monetary compensation to Bukenya who has now lost interest in the case that was reported to police and UMEME had vowed to pursue . In criminal law when there is now complainant and witness in a case the State Prosecutor can not go ahead with the matter.  File closed.

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