The Hon. Minister of ICT and National Guidance, Ms. Judith Nabakooba has visited  youth  Innovation Hubs in and around Kampala which are  funded under  the  Ministry’s National ICT Innovations to witness first- hand how the youth are coping with innovating for sustainable livelihoods.

Nabakooba visited  Makerere Innovation and Incubation Center (MIIC) which  was started in 2017 jointly by Makerere University, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of ICT under the  ICT Innovation Ecosystem at the University.

The  MIIC  can accommodate  50 innovators at a  time  who can attend trainings which improve their innovations. The center  carries out various partnerships and trainings which have attracted several ICT Innovators and led to  commercialization of some innovations . Nabakooba said that  MIIC promotes research in 4IR technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data.

At MoTIV Hub in  Industrial Area which  was created 2 years ago utilises digital technologies to improve various industries like carpentry, welding, video editing, fashion Industry  among others. Currently the centre employs and trains over 400 youths in various fields.  MoTIV  focused on assembly and manufacturing which is one of the key NIISP Objectives.

In Ntinda,  the Minister visited the  much talked about  Innovation Village which e has been in existence for 5 years now.  It is a private hub which promotes digital product development.  The facility hosts small start-up companies which are still young to survive on their own.

Nabakooba said that the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance through NIISP has supported other hubs which include ,Hive Colab, Outbox, RANLab, Camtech – Mbarara  and  TechBuz.

The Ministry is also partnering with Universities to set up hubs – and MOU’s have been developed

with Muni, Soroti and Gulu Universities.   Nabakooba promised that  many more youth innovators shall be supported in similar programs to create jobs and wealth .

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