Man arrested while taking human head to Speaker Kadaga

By Special Correspondent
A bizarre incident disrupted life at Parliament Building mid morning on Monday when a man was arrested with the head of a dead child at the security checkpoint.

The man described by eyewitnesses as smartly dressed with the mandatory face mask was asked by security manning the eastern gate (facing national theatre) what was in the parcel he was carrying. On responding that he was taking a gift to the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, the officers insisted on first opening it.

Witnesses say the officers were surprised when on opening the gift package they found the head of a dead infant.
The man was arrested and briefly held in the parliament police offices, but was soon whisked away to an unknown destination. The parcel containing the dead human head was also taken separately away from parliament premises.
All enquiries for official comment at Parliament and at Police have so far been met with a promise of an official statement to come later.

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