Uganda flags off UPDF aviation unit to fight Al-Shabaab in Somalia.

The   UPDF Commander  for Land Forces, Lt Gen Peter Elwelu, has flagged off the seventh United Nations Guard Unit to Somalia. The Guard Unit comprising of over 600 peacekeepers is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Francis Odikiro.

The event  took place at UPDF’s Peace Support Operations and Training Center in Singo, Nakaseke District.

Lt Gen Elwelu informed the UPDF  men and women  that their mission in Somalia was important  to maintain peace in the East African region and fight against global terrorists. He called upon the men in uniform to maintain the  high standards set by their predecessors while on similar missions by exhibiting selfless service and maintaining a high  level of  discipline.

The CDF said that the operations against the Al-Shabaab insurgents will be much easier with the presence of air support.

“The presence of airpower will offer us extensive asymmetric advantages over the unconventional and dispersed enemy in Somalia. With air assets, we will be able to respond quickly with precision fires or inject a quick reaction force once the enemy assembles,” he said.

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