long serving Head of Public Service and Secretary to Cabinet Dr.John Mitala, has died at Masaka referral hospital aged 74 . He had retired to his country home in Kalungu district . He died at Masaka referal hospital after a long illness .

Mitala retired in 2021 after serving in the public service for at least 48 years. He was appointed by President Yoweri Museveni to head the public it in 2002 . He had joined civil service in May 25, 1973. Recently the Minister for Presidency-Milly Babalanda  hailed Mitala as a distinguished civil servant, who has left a trail of being incorruptible. Babalanda said, unlike many civil servants who look at government jobs as means of getting rich, Mitala’s name has never been cited in any corruption scandal.

“Your outstanding performance will be remembered for a very long time in the Public Service of Uganda and generally in the East African Community. You have exhibited the highest qualities of a civil servant – a true proponent of the civil service and code of ethics. Many Ugandans believe that serving in a public office means enriching oneself with quick monies. However, for the time that I have known you, sir, I have not heard your name in any public scandal. I want you, and request you to maintain this level of integrity for the remaining part of your service to humanity.” said Babalanda.

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