Ms. Judith Nabakooba, the woman MP for Mityana district and Minister of ICT and NG,   has participated in the ground  breaking ceremony for the construction of the  perimeter fence for the home of the bishop of Mityana diocese, Dr James Bukomeko.

In a low key ceremony due to the rampaging Covid-19 pandemic , Dr. Bukomeko said that even during the health problem that has kept many people away from worship after the closure of churches to stem the spread of the virus , he still went ahead to allow the construction of the fence to keep the diocese’s development agenda alive.

The new bishop  has also started a farm for the diocese with  beans and matooke plantation. The model farm will be used to inspire other farmers within the church community  and Mityana district to value and engage in commercial farming to fight poverty .

Bishop Bukomeko said that he will  promote  agriculture as one of the key income generating activities within the district  .  Ms. Nabakooba thanked  Bishop Bukomeko for the  agricultural projects he is undertaking to promote development in  Mityana  district .

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