Male Mabirizi files criminal charges against Mao for annoying Ugandans by signing MoU with NRM

Jailed Male Mabirizi wants Justice minister Norbert Mao jailed for seven years for allegedly acting as a nuisance and in the process annoying members of the public.

Mabirizi has leveled criminal charges against Norbert Mao of being a public nuisance, attempting to defraud taxpayers through seeking the lucrative cabinet job while clinging to the position of President General of the Democratic Party, refusing to vacate the office DP president yet his term allegedly and disobedience of statutory duty.

Mabirizi ‘s criminal charges against the Justice Minister follow a Memorandum of Understanding signed at State House Entebbe between ruling party NRM Chairman Yoweri Museveni who is also the Chairperson of the ruling National Resistance Movement party and Mao as President General of the Democratic Party.

Mabirizi alleges that Norbert Mao and Siranda with others still at large,  well aware that their five-year terms expired in 2020,  signed a document titled ‘Memorandum of Understanding’  with  President Museveni which was an act not authorized by law thereby causing annoyance and inconvenience to the public.

As such, Mabirizi wants the Entebbe Chief Magistrates Court to summon Mao to take plea and be sent to jail for the offenses which can fetch him seven years.

The Entebbe Chief Magistrates Court is yet to summon the Justice Minister.

Mabirizi himself is serving an 18-month jail sentence

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