At least 15 million pupils and students  will resume normal studies when the schools fully reopened on Januray 10,20022, the  Minister for Education and Sports, Janet  Kataha Museveni has  announced .

While addressing  the  28th Annual Education and Sports Sector Review Workshop at Kololo  Janet Museveni said that with 70% of the teachers vaccinated government will allow school to re-open following a devastating covid -19 pandemic that has wrecked havoc across the world. |School in Uganda have been under lockdown since March 2020.

 Mrs Museveni told the country that  schools will re-open for all levels at once in order to recover time lost .“All levels; pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools shall re-open on January 10th, 2022. First term shall operate for 14  weeks from Monday, January, 10,  2022 until Friday,  April, 14  2022 followed by a holiday of three weeks,” she stated

A time table was released and according to Mrs.Museveni the second term will open for 14 weeks from Monday, May,9,  2022 until Friday,  August,19,  2022. The third term will commence on Monday,  September, 5, 2022 to Friday, December , 9, 2022 and will be followed by a holiday of seven weeks until Monday,  January,29 2023.

Inorder to bridge the two year gap Mrs. Museveni explained that P.1, P.2, and P.3 classes of 2020 shall report in the next respective classes of P.2, P.3, and P.4.

“Remedial lessons shall be provided for these classes during first term 2022 to help them cover critical content for the previous class. Senior one and senior two classes of 2020 shall be progressed to senior two and senior three, respectively. Remedial lessons shall be provided these classes during the first term of 2022 thought they had been beneficiaries of home- study materials. The senior three and senior and senior five class of 2020 shall progress to senior four and senior six respectively upon reporting for the first term of 2022.”

The minister warned against the  arbitrary increase of school charges. “We appeal to schools to be mindful that these learners are coming from families that have also been facing a tough time just as much as the schools have been.”

She said that 700 Primary school teachers and 100 Secondary school teachers have been trained  as national trainers to be able to train frontline teachers in schools on use of the abridged curriculum and psycho-social support to be given to 20 learners and teachers upon return to School. This training is for all teachers in private and public schools.

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