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 Lands, Housing and Urban Development Minister Judith Nabakooba has assured  the administration of Nabisunsa Girls’ School in Kyambogo that no one will grab the school’s land following a dispute with the Uganda Land Commission about its boundaries .  

Nabakooba  made assurance during the opening of boundaries of the contested land that has hitherto belonged to Nabisunsa Girls Schools since 1958. The exercise carried out by the Ministry’s surveyors was witnessed by Ms Zulaika Nabukeera  the Nabisunsa Girls School head teacher,Haj Juma Walusimbi the Board Chairman of the school and Dr Muhammad Kiggundu who represented the Office of the Supreme Mufti .  

“There are no intentions or plans of giving away any part of this land. I would like to assure the  community and all stakeholders of Nabisunsa Girls School that the land still belongs to the school and there are no plans of relocating it to any other party,” Nabakooba told a meeting of stakeholders during her visit at the school premises .

  The Minister revealed that earlier this month, her ministry convened a meeting between concerned parties after it emerged that there were two free hold titles on Plot M.562 land at Kyambogo and  a closer look at the paperwork still reaffirmed that Nabisunsa Girls School was the rightful owner of  the disputed land.   It was then agreed that they was need to  open the boundary clearly determine the extent of the Land  specifically regarding Plot M.562

“I wrote to the first lady telling her my commitment as the head of the Lands Ministry that we shall have  this issue resolved. I engaged my staff and Uganda Land Commission to make sure  they hold meetings to that effect to enable us to be furnished with details to enable us put an end  to this matter that had become a matter of public concern.”

  Nabakooba further added , “To address your fears, the land is for Nabisunsa Girls School, the president told me  to come and reaffirm that nobody in this country, however big they are,  will take this land. The first lady herself is committed to the education sector and also to the  progress being made in regard to the wellbeing  of the girl child in Uganda.”  

Haj .Juma Walusimbi the Board Chairman of Nabisunsa Girls’School said they were perturbed when ULC said the school’s  land title should be cancelled. He explained that as a school,  they are not against  any development or an investor whether local or international but proper criteria has to be followed.  

Dr Muhammad Kiggundu from the Office of the Supreme Mufti said the Mufti’s office cherishes  education and the vision of their fore fathers who had a reflection of having education as a pillar of development.   He thanked Minister  Nabakooba quick intervention and opening the boundaries, noting that it proved government’s commitment to the development of the education sector and protecting the vulnerable communities from the notorious land grabbers.

  “We made an appeal to you because you cherish girl education. We are happy that the ministry of education has  also supported us on this matter and the Education Minister has collaborated  with you to sort out this issue once and for all.”  

How it all started  

It should be recalled that ULC has been accusing Nabisunsa Girls School of occupying a plot of  land in Kyambogo but the school denied the accusations. The disputed land is Plot M562 which the land commission says belongs to the government and  is held under freehold register volume 320, Folio 16.

  In a letter dated July 22, the commission wrote to Nabisunsa about plans to fence the land which  was later established that it was going to be given to a foreign investor for redevelopment. This is when the Nabisunsa School administration petitioned the Lands Minister Nabakooba who swung in action and has now helped to settle the dispute .

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