Karimojong Elders Prepare Special Curse for Minister Kitutu

By Special Karamoja Correspondent

As if the minister for Karamoja affairs Mary Goretti Kitutu didn’t have enough troubles with the Inspector General of Government investigating her over the iron sheets affair, not to mention an upcoming parliamentary probe into the same matter, the Elders in the nomadic semi-arid region have also launched a special spiritual operation to deal with her.

The elders, led by John Bosco Akore from Kotido, have disclosed that they predicted the iron sheets diversion long before it became public. Their info came from the spiritual realm, they say, after invoking God in a special prayer session known as ‘Akiriket’ to stop the diversion of resources meant for the rehabilitation and development of Karamoja. 

In particular, the elders were disturbed by the escalating insecurity, and were very optimistic that the provision of iron sheets would make more man renounce cattle rustling as they would be able to construct permanent houses and settle down to organized economic activity.

The diversion of the iron sheets from the Prime Minister’s Office has therefore alarmed and embittered the elders, and they have demanded that Minister Kitutu gets down and apologises to the Communities of Karamoja immediately. Failure to apologise sincerely will lead them to release the special curse that they have already prepared.

“After the curse is pronounced, it will be too late for her so the sooner she apologises the better for her,” said an elder who had just emerged from a confidential “Akiriket” held in Kotido midweek.

The Karamoja Parliamentary Group on Wednesday filed a motion to censure Mary Gorreti Kitutu to the offices of the Speaker and the Clerk of Parliament.

Several ministers are being implicated in receiving the diverted iron sheets, but the special curse is directed at only Minister Kitutu, to be released if she fails to apologise.

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