Homosexuality: Now America Warns its citizens over travelling to Uganda.

The travel advisory issued by the US Department of State and shared by the US Embassy in Kampala this Tuesday morning, is of the second highest level of seriousness, telling US citizens to reconsider travel to a country considered dangerous.

The highest and final level is an outright travel ban. The third level advises Americans to take extra caution while the fourth advises them to take normal precautions.

The decision by the US to place Uganda on the second highest level of danger for its citizens  follows the recent enactment of the Act on homosexuality. The State Department has thus updated its assessment of Uganda and this morning issued the strong advisory.

The updated advisory says that: 

“The May 2023 Anti-Homosexuality Act raises the risk that LGBTQI+ persons, and those perceived to be LGBTQI+, could be prosecuted and subjected to life imprisonment or death based on provisions in the law, and may be subject to mandatory reporting to the police if they are suspected of committing or intending to commit acts in violation of the law, and could face harassment or attacks by vigilantes.

Supporters of the dignity and human rights of LGBTQI+ persons (including those of youth under the age of 18) could be prosecuted and imprisoned for multi-year sentences.”


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