Homosexuality  : Entebbe Municipality quickly removes LGBTQ at Children’s Park following public anger

By Our Reporters

in Entebbe

The Entebbe Municipality authorities have hurriedly removed LGBTQ colours at a children’s park following public outcry . This is the second municipality after Kasese Municipality  to be publicly seen promoting LGBTQ activities in Uganda .

Homosexuality  (order against nature) is a criminal offence on Uganda’s law books . However, of late ,there seem to be increased activity of the LGBTQ promoters most of them covertly . There has been reported cases of homos in boarding schools which prompted the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa to call for an urgent national inquiry  into the matter.

There was public anger after the Entebbe Municipal Authorities in partnership with the Lions Club of Entebbe unveiled painted structures within the municipality including a children’s park with LGBTQ colours.

The Park situated close to the Magistrates Court in Entebbe, the Municipal Council Offices and State House Entebbe acts as a children’s center where young people go for recreation.

Following public outcry -Entebbe  Municipal leaders have moved quickly to instruct the Lions Club of Entebbe to immediately remove the offending paintings from the Children’s park. The Church of Uganda has cut off its relations with the Church of England for allowing gay priests to conduct church services .

The Kampala Parents Association has already petition the Ministry of education and authorities in Kampala to address the penetration of homosexual activists in schools and even printing textbooks they  are now circulating in schools.

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