Govt in Quiet Talks with 45 Thieves to return sh10billion stolen from Agric Ministry

The government is in advanced stages to recover ten billion shillings that was stolen from projects in the Agriculture sector after engaging the thieves in negotiations on whom it has enough evidence to successfully prosecute.

Sources have explained that the thieves, who total 45 in number, have confessed to stealing the money but they were offered a chance not to be arrested because the Inspectorate of government (IG) has set itself a target of recovering stolen money.

The sources privy to the talks have indicated that while the thieves, who rank from middle to high-level officials have been offered freedom on the condition that they return the stolen money, they have also demanded that the IGG assures them of total protection of their identities.

It is this demand that was the sticking point before full agreement between the thieves and the government, but we have learnt that the IGG has secured clearance to protect the thieves’ ‘honour’ and anytime the freedom with silence deal is being signed.

The money, which was stolen in October 2021, had been meant for refurbishing and upgrading structures of Bukalasa Agricultural College in Luweero District, and the Fisheries Training Institute in Entebbe in addition to funding students’ feeding expenses.

The Government Inspector General Beti Kamya herself has committed to recover 100 billion shillings per year.  As such, more officials who have been stealing public funds might be encouraged to refund some of it in return for indemnity from prosecution and protection of their names from the public.

Editors Note :The Anti Corruption Act provides for restitution which is basically for the corrupt to return what they have stolen .

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