Govt Chief Whip Tayebwa says all 377 NRM MPS must aggressively promote govt programmes to fight poverty and create jobs for the youth

Government and NRM Party Parliamentary Chief Whip Thomas Tayebwa has rallied the 377 NRM MPs to aggressively market government programmes in a concerted effort to fight poverty and create jobs for the youth .

“We have to ensure that each and every NRM Member has a social media account. We can agree on the main ones; Facebook, twitter even Instagram the young people will need it, you know we need them,” Tayebwa said during a caucus handover ceremony at his Parliamentary chambers.

“Each one should come out and publicize especially parliamentary resolutions which are geared at creating jobs for the youth and reduce the poverty levels across the country . We don’t want to be depending on someone else’s mercy to give us publicity”.

Government recently secured a USD 200 million loan from the World Bank to support “access [to] high-quality and low-cost internet, public services online, a digital economy driving growth, innovation and job creation.

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