Electricity is coming to West Nile -President Museveni assures wanaichi

President Yoweri Museveni has assured the people of western Nile that with Karuma dam getting connected to the national grid government is now constructing a powerline to transmit reliable electricity to the greater West Nile region.

Museveni was has been on a three day working visit to the region to ascertain the progress of government development programs including the recently introduced PDM – said the problem of lack of adequate electricity supply to West Nile will be resolved by the end of this year .

The President Museveni explained ;“The demand of power at that time in West Nile was also very small, only 2 MW. Also, if you pull a strong line of 130 KV of electricity it could damage machines. A temporary solution was therefore sought and that was to develop Nyagak power station that will generate 2 MW and will be operational by November 2023 .”

Museveni said there will also be a powerline of 400 KV from Karuma, Olwiyo, Moyo, Koboko to Adjumani. He asked the area MPs to get detail information from the Ministry of Energy and relay it to the people .

“A tarmac road has arrived from Pakele to Atiak. The people of West Nile were saying that Museveni is ‘Enzo’ lugbara word for a liar, now I think they are embarrassed. In the medium term a tarmac road will be constructed from Pakwach-Rhino Camp-Obongi to Rifule. That will link you to the rest of Uganda,” he noted.

The President noted that there was a very good marram road he used from Palorinya sub-county to Obongi district Headquarters and urged the people of the area to utilize such infrastructure for creating wealth not to wait for the tarmac road. “Therefore, we the wealth creators should use this chance. Don’t wait for the tarmac road,” he added .

President Museveni also emphasized the need for people of the area to deeply get involved in income generating activities for both food and financial security.

Museveni visited St. Martin Comboni Missionaries in Parolinya where he was received by the management of the facility led by the Manager Innocent Ocaatre. He was taken on a guided tour of development projects in the area that included two fishponds, Sunflower and Simsim oil processing and production line among others.

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