BY Our Security Reporter

President Yoweri Museveni has appointed battle hardened Maj. Gen. Kayanja Muhanga as the overall operations coordinator of security in Kampala Metropolitan area during and after elections.

Muhanga will takeover all security operations in the Kampala area and will be based at Naguru police headquarters. The two star general who was among the field commanders that fought and defeated the ADF rebellion in western Uganda and has been involved in other operations, in northern Uganda and DR Congo , according to impeccable sources will report directly to Gen . Museveni and the joint security taskforce.

In effect , Maj. Gen. Muhanga has again linked up with another of his tough comrade the new Deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj. Gen. Paul Lokech. Both Ugandan generals are darlings of the Somali population who secured Somalia’s capital Mogadishu against the al shabab terrorist. Both men are known in the security circles as the ‘ruthless’ commanders of Somalia.

Gen.Muhanga has previously served as the Commander of the UPDF Contingent in Somalia in 2014 . In 2019 he was recalled and named 2nd Division commander before he was replaced by the then Brig.Lokech.

Security sources have further intimated that more battled -seasoned generals from the original NRA file and rank have been put on standby to join the security operations to ensure that the hotly contested 2021 general elections are not disrupted by what Gen .Museveni has consistently referred to as ” criminal elements” funded by foreign actors .

The other Generals include ,Maj. Gen. Sam Kawagga, Maj. Gen. Leopard Kyanda, Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho, Brig. Gen. CS Ddamulira, Brig Gen. JK Mukasa among others .

In his new year address to the nation , a tough talking President Museveni said that he has credible intelligence information that several groups believed to be mainly in the opposition parties backed by foreigners, plan to destabilize the country and the elections.

“I am the head of the bush fighters. I have been leading them for the last 50 years since 1971. So we cannot allow the revolution of the people to be destroyed by crooks’. he stressed

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