Don’t grab church assets under cover of covid – bishops

By Special Correspondent

The Uganda Catholic bishops have warned against the crippling of Christian ministry under the cover of Covid-19 restrictions to rob facilities and resources used for evangelical and social work.

A statement read on Sunday morning by the Episcopal Conference Chairman Right Reverend Joseph Anthony Ziwa expresses shock at the demolition of the Anglican Church of Uganda church of Ndeeba in Kampala and briefly explains the deeper implication of might look like a land eviction.

The statement questions the timing of the demolition which comes when the Christians cannot access their churches, casting doubt on the purpose of the exercise. Under the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions, places of worship are out of bounds, which means they can be taken over in the absence of the communities that use them under normal times.

Bishop Ziwa, whose statement was read over television explained that the missionary work is under attack as the facilities it relies on get taken over by other forces, and appealed to the government to open up places of worship. Religious leaders have consistently over the past couple of weeks been questioning the rationale behind opening the crowded trading hubs like Kikuubo while keeping the lid on places of worship where SOPs are easier to enforce.

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