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Much to the relief and excitement of low income earners ,President Yoweri Museveni has announced government’s easing of a number  of Covid 19 measures that had crippled small businesses .

In a spirited defence of the government measures that have yielded positive results by largely  containing  the spread of the novel global coronavirus , Museveni said it was time to allow small business owners and operators to return to their jobs and said that a  total of 110 arcades out of  171 that were inspected by a team of health officials now meet the required SOPs and will be allowed to open immediately . There are 230 registered arcades in Uganda.

Museveni however, emphasized that people will not be allowed to operate or sell merchandise in corridors or verandas of the opened arcades and there should be  enough public toilets including the observance of all other health measures to fight the Covid -19 pandemic such social distancing , washing of hands and wearing masks.

Arcade owners must put in place  temperature guns and retailors should keep records of buyers/clients  for easy contact tracing in case shoppers contract the deadly virus .  There  will also  be no air conditioning. 

Salons and boda bodas finally have their day

Salons  operators were allowed to resume business immediately but ensure masks for everybody, face shields for barbers/salonists and have temperature guns too.

Boda boda cyclists will resume transporting passengers on July 27th but must wear masks and helmets, keep records of their clients and sanitize seats.   The President said the Ministry of  Works and Transport  should put in place elaborate stages for the boda bodas and streamline their operations  to stop criminals who were using the cyclists to terrorize  people in and around  Kampala.

And until , the criminal elements are eliminated among the boda boda cyclists, Museveni said that they will only be allowed to operate from 5.30 am to 6pm . No Boda Boda operators will be allowed on the road beyond the set time schedules.

Curfew hours revised

Given the gridlock jams that have become a common feature  during rash hours in Kampala , President Museveni said that the curfew which was instituted more than four months ago will now start at 9pm and end at 5.30am on a daily basis.

The fate of churches and schools  not yet known

Government is still negotiating with churches/mosques leaders to find the best option for allowing worshipers back in the houses of  God. Given the huge number of church and mosques goers -Museveni said that it was prudent to act carefully when allowing such gatherings . 

He said that government will make a big decision before September on when the schools and higher institutions of learning will be allowed to operate again.  Museveni said that while government was assessing detailed options of supporting private school teachers , he offered  UG.SHS.2b for their sacco.  There are an estimated 350,000

teachers hired by private schools which he said should have their loans taken over by the Uganda Development Bank.

Entebbe Airport and Borders to remain closed

The president was emphatic when he said that Entebbe airport and all Uganda’s borders will remain closed until what he called the Covid-19 pandemic “chaos” is resolved in the foreign nations .

Museveni Rallies Ugandans to be innovative , sell and buy Ugandan products

The President who was in his usual fine element , rallied Ugandans in arcades to buy and sell Ugandan made products to boost local manufacturing especially in this Covid era when the global economy is on its knees . He said that given the bumper harvest there was need to add value to the agricultural produce and promised to help Ugandans explore the African market .

Defends ‘mama corona’ the brave and committed  Health Minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng

The President defended Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng the brave and committed Minister of Health  against accusations that she had let her guard down when she was filmed in a crowded place without wearing a mask.  Museveni outlined how she got her from Lira as a medical officer who was  very dedicated and appointed her as the Director General Health services before promoting her to a full cabinet position.

The President said that Dr. Aceng didn’t invite the excited crowd in Lira when she was in the area to educate people about the health measures to fight the  Covid -19 pandemic . He gave his own example when just the other day he stopped to check the water levels of lake Victoria  in Entebbe near the road and a crowd formed . “ I had to run  away when people started gathering”, he said noting that  Dr. Aceng who is  new in politics will learn from her experiences as she contested to become a member of parliament a decision which the president said he supports after receiving numerous letters and petitions from the people Lango to allow their daughter to run for political office.


250,000 Ugandans have been tested of Coronavirus .

1,072 positive cases have been recorded

958 patients have been healed and discharged from hospitals


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