By Our Mityana Correspondents

Minister of ICT & NG has hailed community leaders who have joined the campaign to enforce the health guidelines set up by government to stop the spread of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic .

In her weekly  government briefing held at Enro Hotel in Mityana where she is engaged in scientific campaigns to be elected as the NRM flag bearer to contest for the  Mityana Woman MP in the 2021 general elections, Nabakooba  saluted the  good community innovations that have started to emerge with regard to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“We have seen Boda Boda leaders, Taxi operators coming out to support the police in enforcing the agreed upon guidelines. As a result there has been some improvement with passengers being more responsive to the health measures ,” she noted while rallying the country to  continue with the community awareness and mobilization against the deadly coronavirus that is ravaging many countries across the world.

She called upon  Ugandans operating in markets , arcades, other sectors of the economy  to remain vigilant by embracing the system of community policing to stem the growing cases of local covid-19 infections. In a period of just one month Uganda has registered 29 Covid-19 deaths and infections now stand at 2847 cases .

The Information Minister , reiterated President Yoweri Museveni ‘s directive to arrest politicians and government officials who directly or indirectly facilitates political campaign gatherings or big rallies. “Police has been instructed to enforce other existing guidelines such as curfew time for boda bodas, private and public transport,’ she said.

Nabakooba also clarified that Uganda’s biggest referral hospital Mulago, is not closed for public service . “Mulago Hospital is still open to everyone and for treatment of all diseases. The rumor that it has been designated for VIPs only is not true,” she said.

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