By Our Elgon Correspondents

Members of the  Bamasaaba Cultural Institution have called upon government to gazette their cultural head -the Umukuuka/Umuguuga we Banasaba.

INZU YA MASAABA (Bamasaaba Cultural Institution) was formally instituted on 30th June 2010 when the 1st General Assembly was inaugurated and approved with some amendment.

This was followed by the election of the 1st Umukuuka/Umuguuga we Bamasaba, Uwelukoosi Wamimbi Weasa Wilson on 31st July, 2010, who successfully completed his five year term of office and peacefully handed over office to the Umukuuka II late Bob Mushikori. To appreciate the developments in Inzu Ya Masaaba during the transition period from 2nd Umukuuka/Umuguuga to the 3rd Umukuuka/Umuguuga it is necessary to know how the Electoral process adheres to Article 8.2.2 of Inzu Constitution 2010 and Institutional Traditional or Cultural Leaders Act, 2011.

The Electoral process of Elder Jude Mike Mudoma was conducted by the legitimate Organs and Officers of Inzu Ya Masaaba (Inzu)-(the Speaker of the General Assembly; Chairperson of Culture Council; the Chairperson of the Governing Board and the Secretary General-under Art.7.5.1c to avert the fear of Inzu facing a Constitutional crisis which would have brought down the entire Institution of Inzu.

A Search Committee of 11 – eleven members that was constituted by the General Assembly on 3rd August 2020 and mandated to carry out a search for Umukuuka/Umuguuga suitable candidates from Inda Yo Mwambu in fulfillment of Article. 8.3 of the Inzu Constitution and held a meeting on 22nd August 2020 and reported to the Cultural Council on 22nd August 2020 that Elder Jude Mike Mudoma was endorsed by six (6) out of the nine (9) clans while the other three Candidates  namely Wagabyalire Amram John, Gidaguyi Gregory Mafabi and Wamakuyu Patrick Maziina each got one (1) vote. They pronounced that the choice of Inda Yo Mwambu was Elder Jude Mike Mudoma.

This was followed by the Culture Council Evaluation meeting held on 31st August 2020 which also recommended to the General Assembly that Elder Jude Mike Mudoma was the most suitable Candidate for the position of Umukuuka/Umuguuga III We Bamasaaba.  A report dated 31st August 2020 was submitted to the Speaker to convene a General Assembly for the election of Umukuuka/Umuguuga IIIin respect to the Resolutions of the Special Culture Council meeting held on 31st August 2020.

The Speaker convened the General Assembly meeting composed of legitimate Inzu Delegates from 26 Clans on 6th October 2020 at Mutoto Cultural Centre under Min.G.A/5/10/20 the delegates elected Elder Jude Mike Mudoma and was sworn in on 13th October 2020 before the expiry of the term of office of the 2nd General Assembly on 15th October 2020.

On 7th October, 2020, the Speaker wrote to the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development on the election of Elder Jude Mike Mudoma Umukuuka/Umuguuga III We Bamasaaba.

Elder Jude Mike Mudoma was approved by the Elders’ Council in a meeting of 14th November 2020 held in Mbale City from the three (3) lineages of Mwambu, Mubuya and Wanale for a Cultural Installation after fulfilling all requirements.

Cultural Installation Ceremony was conducted on 20th November 2020 at Mutoto Cultural Centre and continued with the celebrations on 21st November at Sports Club Grounds while observing the COVID 19 SOPs.

All the levels of the electoral processes were done within the legal framework and communication was made to the Supervisory Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development for their information, action and subsequent gazzettment of Elder Jude Mike Mudoma as Umukuuka/Umuguuga 111 We Bamasaaba as a Statutory requirement by Government of Uganda under Section 6 of the Traditional or Cultural Leader Act 2011.Bamassaba are waiting patiently.

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