Entebbe International Airport records increased passengers in January 2023

As the country continues to recover from the effects of the devastating three year Covid -19, Entebbe International Airport has recorded an increase of 149,375 passengers in January 2023 (72,934 arriving and 76,441 departing passengers).

According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Spokesman , Mr. Vianney Luggya , the Entebbe International Airport saw an average of 4,818 per day, compared to a total of 110,547 passengers in the same period of January 2022.

In Dec 2022, the airport recorded 156,790 passengers compared to 123,576 in the same period of Dec 2021.The total number of arriving & departing passengers was 1,574,405 in 2022, compared to 941,688 in 2021, 565,541 in 2020 & 1,802,107 in 2019.The post COVID19 recovery is at 87%.

“In relation to cargo, the airport recorded 5,014 metric tones (imports 1,752 and exports 3,262) in January 2023. A total of 61,066 tones in 2022, 64,172 tones in 2021, 59,720 tones in 2020 and 64,701 tones in 2019. There are more exports than imports,” Luggya stated.

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