All  Ugandans will have a chance to be vaccinated against the deadly global-novel Covid-19 pandemic , Information Minister Judith Nabakooba has said.

In her weekly media briefing , the Minister condemned international media that is mocking Uganda’s efforts to stem the spread of the coronavirus and largely has helped to keep the pandemic at bay .

“Uganda has had one of the most successful COVID-19 interventions world over. Our strategy could be slow at the beginning, but it is consistent and efficient,” Nabakooba stated ,adding that at the end, all Ugandans will be vaccinated .

Throughout our work,  we have demonstrated that money is not always the defining factor. “For one to appreciate our COVID-19 vaccination strategy, they must understand where we started. Before the country registered its first COVID-19 case, we had already put in place a number of preventive measures.

Over the years, Uganda has consistently demonstrated local successes against major outbreaks such as Ebola and HIV,” she explained .

Nabakooba added; “As a country we therefore demand that for those who choose to tell our stories, they must do so in an informed and objective manner.”

The Ministry of health has been vaccinating high risk categories of people around the country  and at least more than 40,000 people mainly health workers, teachers and those above  the age of 70 years have been vaccinated.

Health experts have explained that although the vaccine is not meant to stop one from contracting the virus, it helps to reduce severe effects and even death incase one got infected with the virus.

PLE Exams

The Minister said that an estimated 750,000 pupils will sit for their PLE exams on Tuesday and Wednesday and the number is more than those who sat last year by about 54,000 candidates.

“This again is a demonstration that COVID-19 has not prevented our children from finishing their primary education.”

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