Sh4m Salary Triggers Rush by Science Teachers to Cut Their Age in Eastern Uganda

Registration Officials of the National Identification and Registration Authority -NIRA in the Soroti-Karamoja region are being chocked with frantic pleas by ageing Science teachers after testing the enhanced salary of four million shillings and cannot imagine stopping to earn soon.

The most panic stricken are those in the fifties to sixty age bracket, who are reportedly offering crazy cuts to the NIRA officials to help them alter their dates of birth to defer their retirement for a few more years.

However, NIRA officers have stood firm and refused to be compromised despite the floodgates of naive teachers who seem to want to die on the now-lucrative job of teaching science.

Pubic servants can qualify for retirement after serving a stipulated number of years but it is mandatory to go home on clocking 60 years.

Many teachers did not believe that they would actually get the four million shillings (maximum for degree holders) and three million (maximum for diploma holders) up from one million, so when it really happened this financial year, they want to maximise their share by hanging on for many more months.

NIRA officers say at least three to five teachers in the region approach them daily seeking to “correct” their data, but they have stood firm. 

The teachers somehow seem to be following the footsteps of hundreds of headteachers whose teaching subjects are in science, who have been seeking to be demoted so they can earn  the four million.

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