Several people’s farms have been destroyed following a land dispute involving two women  Nalinya  Nalumansi ,Aisha Kayongo and residents of Kibujjo and Kagoma villages in Wakiso districts. The disputed land is on Block number 49 plot 165 in Wakiso districts .  

The residents led by area LC 1 chairmen , Atanansi Lufuma and Yona Kukiriza, decried before the Minister ,the wanton behaviour of Nalumansi whom they accused of destroying their gardens And carrying out forceful evictions without due process .  

The leaders said they have not received any help from the police and other security agencies.” We went to the  RDC ‘s office and police but we have not yet been helped , Lufuma told the Minister who visited the area to help resolve the standoff.     Nabakooba has since summoned Nalumansi and Aisha Kayongoto provide proof ownership  of the land where Several people are living .

Mr.Yona Kukiriza  told the Minister that several farms and gardens Belonging to the residents have been destroyed  and other  fenced off with barbed wire denying the residents access to their land. and owners can’t access them. He says Aisha Kayongo comes with security wielding guns and they threaten locals to give .

The wanainchi are suffering because of these two women who are protected  by security forces,” the LCs stated adding that the villagers seek to know the genuine landlords to enable them to pay  their Busuulu.     “The law is very clear, willing buyer, willing seller; people are not supposed to be forced to give away  their bibanja holdings. It has to be a process of negotiations and forceful evictions without due process will not be allowed ,” Nabakooba told the residents  .

She tasked the local authorities to develop registers of all the bibanja owners on the disputed land As government moves to find a lasting solution for the millions of Ugandans are threatened With illegal evictions bibanja holdings.   The minister said that she had written to the IGP to investigate the  matter and  directed the Districts Internal Security Officer (DISO) of Wakiso  to work the LC officials to protect the people’s interests in the disputed land until the investigators complete their work.      

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