Voters in Dokolo Want Cecilia Ogwal’s Daughter Dr. Rosemray Alwoc To Stand For The Dokolo Woman MP Seat

In order to carry forward the late Cecilia Ogwal’s legacy , voters in Dokolo want her daughter Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal to stand for the woman MP seat to replace her mother .

A group of voters from more than 60 parishes in Dokolo district has expressed their support for Dr. Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal .

The law provides that bye-elections are required to be conducted within 60 days after the Parliament declares a seat vacant.

One of the late Cecilia Ogwal’s daughters speaking at her funeral

It’s also understood that family members have expressed the willingness Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal to stand for parliamentary representation to ensure the successful completion of Cecilia Ogwal’s ongoing projects.

Dr. Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal studied at Mt St Mary’s Namagunga from S1 to S6.

She then pursued her undergraduate degree in Law in the UK, and went on to complete a Master’s and PhD in Economics and she has since been working as an economist.

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