British Lewis Hamilton Set To Move To Ferrari In Bombshell Switch

Lewis Hamilton has shocked the sporting world by lining up a surprise switch from Mercedes to rivals Ferrari.

Mail Sport understands the seven-time world champion has secured a seat to drive for the Italian firm who have been reportedly offering him a £40million incentive to sign up for the 2025 season.

Today’s development confirms  media reports of last May that Ferrari were in talks with Hamilton – even though this was strenuously denied at the time. 

Sir Lewis is currently on £50million-a-year at Mercedes, where he has won six of his seven world championships – and previously expressed his desire to remain with them for the rest of his time in the sport.

But Ferrari chiefs have stepped up their efforts to tempt him across, after Hamilton expressed frustration in recent seasons over under-performing by Mercedes. 

A source in Italy said today of those conversations in late spring: ‘They were pushing like mad.

That story of a potential move was denied by all parties last year, including Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur

But now the Italian press has stated Hamilton, 39, is wanted to replace Spaniard Carlos Sainz, whose contract negotiations ground to a standstill in December. 

Hamilton is contracted to Mercedes until the end of 2025, a bind that requires some unpicking but not one that is not insuperable because of an ‘escape clause’.

Driving for Ferrari has been an obsession nagging in Hamilton’s head all his career. 

There have been flirtations between the two parties for a while, and he has driven red road cars off the forecourt of their Beverly Hills dealership, as well as visited the factory in Maranello.

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