A study carried out by Ugandan scientists has found that vaccination against Covid-19 among Ugandans significantly reduced deaths across the country.

There were also no deaths registered among fully vaccinated patients during the research period. There were also fewer deaths among those who were partially vaccinated-leading to the lowest number of Covid -19 related deaths in Uganda as compared to other countries in Europe , Asia and USA.

The study, conducted between May and July this year used data collected from 1,462 patients admitted at two of the largest Covid-19 treatment centres in the capital, Kampala. Some were fully vaccinated while others had only received their first dose of AstraZeneca, which was the only vaccine available in the country then.

The researchers from Makerere University, working under the institution’s Research and Innovation and Fund, also found that vaccinated patients were 45% less likely to die during hospitalisation.

It was done during a period when Covid infections threatened to overwhelm the health system, as the country suffered its second wave.

The study is being published at a time when Uganda is ramping up vaccination of priority populations.

From Monday, teachers and students above 18 years will be offered a vaccine as the government targets a phased reopening of the education sector starting in November.

Uganda has recorded a total of 3,146 Covid-19 deaths since the pandemic begun.

Nearly two million vaccine jabs have so far been given out countrywide.

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