President Museveni hails legacy of Paulo Muwanga’ wife Nalongo Zawedde who Died Aged 92

By Our Reporter

President Museveni has hailed the legacy of Nalongo Kasalina Zawedde Muwanga, wife  of the that late President Paulo Muwanga that espoused  exemplary life, commitment and support towards the family, country and being helpful to her late husband during his time of service.

Museveni  made the remarks in a speech read for him by Lands minister Judith Nalule Nabakooba at the burial Zawede Muwanga  at Ndoddo Village in Kamengo Sub-County, Mpigi District.

“She helped him (late Paul Muwanga) to raise and nurture the children into responsible citizens and held the family fabric together even after the death of her husband,” President Museveni said.

He added: “All those who associated with the late Nalongo Kasalina must be proud of the legacy she has left behind, and the sense of bereavement that you feel now, should not diminish her beautiful memory.”

The president contributed Shs 10m to the family to assist them in burial arrangements.

The requiem celebration was led by Rev Saulo Masembe, the Archdeacon of Central Buganda Diocese of the Church of Uganda.

The service was co-celebrated by Rev Samuel Katabula Kibuuka of Namasuba Parish, Namirembe Diocese who called for unity and collective effort to change the spiritual and physical world regardless of our political affiliations.

“The deceased advocated for peace. Even when she met the President at Kololo one time, she requested him to continue providing peace to this country,” Rev Kibuuka said.

He added: “Let us work as a family for the betterment and development of our country  as we move forward. Politics should not split us.”

Nalongo Zawedde died at the age of 92.

The burial ceremony was attended among others  , Jimmy Akena, Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party President, Mr Kintu Musoke, former Prime Minister and Amelia Kyambadde, former Mawokota South Member of Parliament.

Dr Suzie Nansozi Muwanga, the daughter of the deceased who represented the children, recounted the love their mother showed them especially during the absence of their father.

“You remember very well our dad was always away from home, during the guerilla war and when he died but our dear mum has been there all the time,” Dr Muwanga said.

She added: “We promise to keep that legacy and live the exemplary life she showed us ..”

Dr Nansozi appreciated President Museveni  for loving their family despite their late father being a member of an opposition political party and standing with the family in all situations.

“He (President Museveni) spared some time and visited our mother and even made phone calls and spoke in Runyankore. We cannot take that  for granted. We are grateful for his support to our family .”

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