Gov’t Sets Deadline To Phase Out Yaka Meters

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Energy Minister, Ruth Nankakbirwa has set a deadline for the phase-out of outdated Yaka payment meters in the next 10 months .

Uganda will be joining other EAC member states to introduce a new prepaid electric metering system technology called Standard Transfer Specification.

This new technology and metering system will allow consumers to switch electricity payments from one utility provider to another.

Government has ednorded the concept of giving Uganans options to buy electricity tokens from different operators other than the current monopoly of Yaka system offered by Umeme Uganda Limited.

Nankabirwa told Journalists at the Uganda Media Centre that prepaid electricity users will have to migrate to the new technology by October 2024.

The new meters will mean a change from the existing Token Identifiers (TID). In South Africa, the operators announced that token Identifiers will run out in November 2024.

Nankabirwa said the Ministry has set a target to have all Uganda’s electricity consumers’ prepaid meters (Yaka) migrated onto the new Token Identification System, known as the (TID Rollover) by October 2024 to be able to continue purchasing units for their power supply.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni reiterated that the government has prioritized lowering electricity costs to make Uganda’s products competitive in the domestic and export markets.

Museveni said reduced end-user electricity tariffs as outlined in the ruling National Resistance Movement – NRM government manifesto 2021 – 2026 are key for Uganda’s industrialization, and social and economic transformation.

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