Uganda’s COVID-19 registered  cases have hit the over 10,000 mark and the Minister of Information , Ms. Judith Nabakooba has called upon Ugandans to remain vigilant in following the government ‘s set SOPs ahead of what is anticipated to be  hotly contested 2021 general elections.

Ms. Nabakooba in her weekly media briefly at the Ministry of ICT and NG headquarters in Kampala, congratulated the  Electoral Commission and those who have been nominated to contest for the various  national and local political leadership positions for undertaking a national  peaceful nomination exercise .

The Minister however ,regretted to note that even before the official campaigns are opened, some of the nominated candidates went into a campaign frenzy without even observing the health guidelines not to  contract the deadly -novel- Covid -19 pandemic that has left at least 1M people dead globally . So far , Uganda has registered 96 deaths and  10,334 infection cases .

Nabakooba says EC  will release campaigns roadmap soon

“We have observed that some of those who got nominated immediately took to the campaign trail addressing crowds and holding processions.  I would like to inform all candidates and the general public that it is not yet time for campaigning. The Electoral Commission is currently working on a campaign road map that will guide for all candidates,” She said

She reiterated that the general elections will be scientific and guided by the existing COVID-19 guidelines. The guidelines strictly outlaw any activity that brings together crowds. “Most of the activities such as open public campaigns and processions are not acceptable. I therefore want to call upon all leaders to lead by example and avoid situations that put people’s lives at risk, “ Nabakooba who will also be sweating it  out for the Mityana woman MP seat stated .

Nabakooba also called on journalists covering the political season to guard against contracting the coronavirus while on duty . The Ministry of Health records show that that over 50 journalists have so far tested positive for COVID-19. “As frontline workers, journalists expose themselves everyday while carrying out their duty to keep Ugandans informed . It is the responsibility of every journalist to ensure that they are well protected with a masks,” she said.

While celebrating the legacy and  Life of Philly Bongole Lutaya on October 17th, Nabakooba noted ,that despite the challenges associated with COVID-19, Uganda remains on course to end the AIDS threat by 2030.


The EC Spokesman , Mr. Paul Bukenya said that the EC had concluded the nomination of candidates for Parliamentary Elections 2021 at nomination centers in the 146 districts and cities across the country. The nominated candidates will contest for 353 constituencies for Directly-elected MP and 146 seats for District Woman MP, he said.

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