At least three Ugandans are dead and 33 others have been left injured- some in critical condition after three suicide bombers attacked the capital Kampala in two separate incidents , Police Spokesman Fred Enanga has told local and international media .

The deadly blasts two place near Kampala’s Central Police Station and parliamentary avenue near the seat of Uganda’s legislature . Among the injured are more than a dozen policemen and women who were on duty on the two busy streets of Kampala.

Enanga said the bomb attacks the latest in a space of one month were the work of ADF a rebel terrorist group that once staged a four year bloody rebellion in western Uganda was defeated and the remnants fled to DR Congo where they have been operating for more than a decade and it seems they have now set up deadly cells inside Uganda-once again .

The U.S. State Department considers the ADF to be a wing of the Islamic State. In a break through Ugandan security forces also managed to arrest another would be suicide bomber only identified as Mozey and he could provide vital information about their operations in and around Uganda .

The blasts come a couple of weeks since a home made bomb went off at a pub in the Komamboga suburb of Kampala killing one and injuring several, and another blast on a bus killed the suspected bomber.

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