The Road Carnage Continues As 16 Ugandans Die In Bus Accident Along Kampala-Gulu Highway

There is public uproar as the road carnage continues unabetted this time claiming the lives of another 16 Ugandans as a passenger bus knocks a parked trailer in Kamdini, along Kampala-Gulu Highway .

According to Police Spokesman for North Kyoga Patrick Jimmy Okema, Bus Registration Number UAT 259P which belongs to Roblyn bus company was traveling from Kampala to Gulu when it rammed into a stationary trailer at around midnight January 6th 2023 at Kamdini .

Police said that 12 people died on the spot while 4 others died in hospital bringing the total to 15 dead. The injured where rushed to Atapara Hospital, some in critical condition for treatment, Okema added.

Members of the public talked to by this publication have since called upon cabinet to discuss this matter of national importance to institute serious measures to stop the carnage on Ugandan roads. Many of the accidents are attributed to human error as a direct result of reckless driving and an apparent lack of effective enforcement of the traffic law and regulations on our roads.

Law enforcement has also pointed a finger to government officials especially those driving government cars for not following traffic rules and regulations . ” When the law if applied selectively , the rest of the public also violates the same rules . When people see the untouchables violating our laws then they also follow suit ,” a legal brain involved in road safety issues stated .


Bodies of the deceased have since been conveyed to Anyeke Health IV pending postmortem.

Preliminary findings indicate wrong parking by the trailer driver with no warning signs

Traffic accidents are common on Kampala-Gulu Highway, often the result of badly maintained roads and poor enforcement of traffic laws.

Thousands of people are killed every year in road accidents

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