Uganda’s first 100% electric bus clocks 50,000 kms on the road as Minister Musenero Inspects city mass transport system

By Our Special Correspondent

It was a chilly Sunday morning today when the quiet, super modern 100% electric bus glided onto the Northern bypass at Namboole with about 90 passengers on board, to start its 22-kilometre journey to Busega. One of the passengers was a cabinet minister, Dr Monica Musenero who holds the Science, Technology and Innovation portfolio.

The minister did not look out of place for this was not the usual scruffy public service vehicle where you don’t expect to find a VIP, let alone a minister. This was a world class, neat and quiet vessel. Dr Musenero chatted up her fellow passengers, got to hear their comments about Uganda’s finest products at 60 years of independence – the Kayoola EVS and suggestions, and then declared the country’s mass transit project will be implemented in Kampala Capital city an other urban centers. “ And there is no turning back .We are offering the best solution for cities and urban transport systems in Uganda and Africa ,” Dr. Musenero asserted as her fellow passengers cheered her on .

It was a quite inspection, on a quiet bus. Another notable passenger on board was a quiet lady whom you could easily pass without raising an eyebrow. However, she is the proprietor of Kalita bus service, a private company that was the first up taker to order the Uganda-made buses. She has deployed both low emission diesel upcountry and the 100% electric ones on Kampala’s first public mass transit route No.104.

The inspection also featured the announcement of an important milestone – the first Uganda-made electric bus from Kiira Motors Corporation –KMC, logging 50,000 kilometres on the road.

KMC Chief Executive Paul Isaac Musaasizi explained that 50,000 kilometres would be a quarter of a diesel powered bus’ longevity, as their lifespan is 200,000 kilometres. But Uganda’s 100% electric Kayoola EVS, whose lifespan is 900,000 kilometres, looks as good as new even at 50,000 kilometers on the road. What better deal can the transporters get than making orders to acquire the fully electric Kayoola buses  made in Uganda by the countries automotive industry captains -Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC).

Dr Musenero was impressed by the quality of the  status of the Kayoola EVS at 50,000 but explained it is not by accident but by design.

“We did not just set to make electric buses but to make the very best  in the world, and you can see, we have done it,” said Dr Musenero. “We should be very proud as Ugandans and walk tall with our heads high!”

Kalita proprietor Ms. Loy Kaganda said, “I am proud to be the first transporter to operate this world class bus from Kiira Motors. Of course I took a risk, as our people tend to believe only after seeing and touching. But as you have seen and touched, it is real, it is good and it is working!”

She said she is optimistic the return on investment will be good and the signs are already good as the travelling public have now embraced the electric buses. On the 22-kilometre stretch, Kalita charges Ugx 1,000 for the first stages, 2,000 halfway and 3,000 for the entire journey.

Besides Kalita, another operator, Tondeka bus company, has also been authorized to operate in implementing the mass transit system. Tondeka will deploy their buses also built by Kiira Motors on the circular route of City Square – Nakawa – Ntinda-Wandegeya.

Do you want to buy a locally made durable bus (both electric and diesel ) please contact kiira motors Corporation at their home in Ntinda, Kampala Uganda.

Telephone contact ;0783039613

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