Traffic police in Kampala arrested a State House driver after he allegedly attempted to make a U-turn at Aga Khan Primary school gate and intimidating officers who tried to stop him.

“We are opening a war at government vehicles now in addition to boda bodas who exhibit impunity,” Commissioner Transport regulation and safety, Mr Winstone Katushabe stated .

“I have called Transport Officer President’s Office for the action I have taken and the driver must be prosecuted. How the vehicle will be removed, that is not my business. This impunity by such hooligans must be checked,” Katushabe added.

Many road users are angry with the misconduct of government drivers -on the squeezed Kampala roads and welcomed the police ‘s latest action to rein in on their “own”. Road users have urged the police to restore order and discipline on Uganda’s roads.

“Now that they have new traffic motorcycles and patrols what in the old days we used to call “kadenge” let them stop the madness on our roads , the carnage and rein in on errant bodabodas,” Sophie Nasali a driver at Kampala road told this publication .

Of late traffic police has been seen conducting on the spot road traffic checks. There are simply too many vehicles in Dangerous Mechanical Condition (DMCs )on our roads . Many commuter taxis have no indicators and are not properly serviced leading to high levels of pollution in Kampala.

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