Police And NDA Raid Pastor Kayanja’s Church Over Fake Drugs

By Our Reporter

Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle Center Cathedral is under investigation for  allegedly  producing a very dangerous  acaricide drug for crops and animals . The said drug was found to contain banned  chemicals.

The National Drug Authority (NDA) officials found a Tick-off drug that is being said to have been distributed by Pastor Kayanja to kill ticks containing chemicals that were banned because there are harmful to humans when consumed and cause cancer.

“The product which has been distributed in districts of Kiruhura, Lyantonde, Sembabule, Gomba, Isingiro, and parts of Karamoja is laced with diazinon, a highly concentrated fumigant used to kill bedbugs, bats, and termites,” said Mr. Abiaz Rwamwiri, NDA’s Public Relations Officer.

He said that the drug is found to be contaminated with chemicals like Fipronil, Diazinon, and Benalaxyl which were banned because they cause cancer .

A  statement issued by NDA revealed that the dangerous chemicals are mixed with animal feeds and silverfish and packaged without an expiry date, ingredient information, or warning. “We received a tip-off about the product after the pastor started advertising the anti-tick drug during services at his church claiming that the product kills ticks instantly,” said Mr. Rwamwiri.

The police and NDA came to know about the drug during a telecast program of Pastor Kayanja on his Television Channel 44 where he said the drug was organic and kills ticks.

“You have cows? Stand up. You are struggling with ticks? You do? God is great. In this church, we have people who have come up with a solution. You will see no ticks on your farm… We are currently testing it on our farm. It is organic, it is incredible. Tomorrow come early, and we will give you something to take so that you can apply for free. We want you to keep the data, you will not struggle again. God is great,” Pastor Kayanja said duringa church service .

The police have since impounded over 100 samples from his church stores and taken them to both NDA and Government Chemist Laboratories.

“Its unfortunate that some of these church leaders use their big following to lure unsuspecting Ugandans to indulge in dangerous activities to gain money ,” a security officials who declined to be named stated .

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