There is no sub region with more land problems than the Buganda, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General Richard Todwong has said and promised that the party will mobilise the people of Buganda to solve the problem.

In May after President Museveni swore in for his sixth term in office, he made it clear that one of his priorities would be to end the rampant evictions, which he blamed on Mailo land tenure which is predominant in Buganda.

Museveni referred to the Mailo land tenure system in Buganda as “evil and unfair.”

While appearing on NBS TV’s Face-Off Show , Todwong said there are several issues in central Uganda that have contributed to the land problems in the sub region including movement of people into Buganda.

“Because of this, transactions and dubious things are happening, and the government takes the blame for all that,” he said.

On what needs to be done to see that the party regains the support of the Buganda region, Todwong explained that there is need to mobilise the government to deliver and there is no need to blame anyone.

“Let there be clean water, good roads for the people, remove people from the swamps, regenerate businesses. You will see the results. People are right to get angry at the leadership. The leadership has a task to explain why some services have either been delayed or not been implemented in time,” he said.

Todwong said some people are trying to bring artificial tension between the NRM and Buganda yet there is no tension.

“We understand the social and economic pressure that Buganda is facing. NRM should now provide answers to these issues. We shall make sure the government performs. In our manifesto, we have outlined several things on how we are going to transform the country,” he said. 

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