President Museveni announces opening of Schools, bars and curfew lifted in phases

Finally ,President yoweri Museveni has announced the reopening of numerous sectors including the night economy following two years of lockdown due to a devastating global Covid-19 pandemic .

Museveni once again defended his actions to lockdown the country for this long saying thus :”The tough measures we took were in order to buy time to find better solution. We didn’t take measures to stay like that. It was a surprise attack by the enemy and had to lie low, buy time and see how to fight better. The initial way was to scatter people so they are not concentrated. We think now we have got some solution like vaccinating of 22million above 18 years of age.” he said that now that there are ways to stem the spread of the virus like vaccination and testing, it is wise for the economy to be reopened for work to resume but following Standard Operating Procedures.

“On account of those factors we now intend to full open the economy in a staggered manner.The transport sector which has been operating at half capacity will be allowed to operate at full capacity as long as both the travelers and the operators are fully vaccinated, except those below 18 years of age but with necessary SOPs like wearing of masks and washing of hands,” he added

“The pre-primary, primary and secondary schools to be opened to learners starting on January, 10. Sports events and cinema halls will also be allowed to open but with SOPs.”

Museveni said the transport sector will fully operate but all involved must be fully vaccinated . For schools everyone above the age of 18 must be vaccinated befored allowed in .

Bars, concerts

For the night economy President Museveni said that bars, concerts and discos will open fully after two weeks from january 10th when the schools will be reopened . This means the night economy will get back to life probably on Monday January 24th ,2022. The President said that curfew will be lifted when the bars open but hastened to add that the some of the measures will be reversed  if coronavirus infections go up by more than 30%.

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