Sports Journalist Andrew Kabuura in legal battle with NTV over the popular sports TV show-The Pressbox

Celebrated sports journalist and TV presenter Andrew Kabuura is in a legal fight with his former employer- NTV Uganda over trademark rights for the popular TV sports show – “The Pressbox”. Kabuura has since quit NTV and sources said he might join rivals NBS. Pressbox show didn’t air last Monday as the two parties parted ways .

AKN Advocates, on behalf of Andrew Kabuura, cautioned the Nation Media Group station to desist from using “The Pressbox” because Kabuura owns the trademark.

Is Kabuura joining NTV’s rivals NBS

The notice dated 9th May 2022 further reveals that Andrew Kabuura owns all the copyright in the show that was previously aired on NTV. NTV has hence been asked to desist from using the trademark in the airing of any program or they risk being sued for “copyright and trademark infringement.”

Legal experts have said it would be an interesting case in court since an employer in most cases have a right of ownership for the creative works of their paid employees during the time of their employment . Pressbox also enjoyed the presence of veteran journalist Mark Ssali whom many viewers say because of his rich knowledge of sports made the show even more popular. Another regular penalist was budding Daily Monitor’s Sports Investigative Journalist-Andrew Mwenguhya.

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