President Yoweri Museveni has rallied  MPS to help Ugandans create wealth and increase household incomes  while pleading that government will ensure maximum security of people and their property .

He was  addressing  the  NRM party Parliament Caucus at Kololo  Independence Grounds .

“One of the people’s needs is Security and other one is infrastructure, the infrastructure has helped us economically, security wise and also politically,” the President  said .

Museveni added; “The other need that you as leaders should address is education of the children of the poor, then health and drugs in the health centres which are stolen. You have seen how my monitoring unit has been arresting people stealing drugs in health units. Nurses and doctors are corrupt. You as Members of Parliament should take interest in your health centres. Go and check, that is what you are supposed to do as leaders.

He advised the MPs to address the issue of household income if they are to succeed as leaders. “These little things you do, fundraising in church, attending burials, will only give you cheap popularity but eventually people will get tired and move on. I appeal to you to concentrate on the issue of the wealth of homes,” Mr Museveni stated.

Museveni  told the MPs that the country will only address the issue of jobs for the youth through wealth creation.  He said if this strategy is applied  70 million jobs would be created with each household employing 10 people. This he added would be bigger than the population in Uganda and would therefore mean the country will have to import labour.

He said government has facilitated  the setting up of  74  factories and another 147 factories under construction  at the Namanve Industrial park . “When all the factories in that industrial park are constructed, they will total 500, employing 200,000 people on 2,000 acres.  

The President also applauded the NRM Caucus that he said has started well since there is cohesion among members unlike the other groups that he said members were against each other.

“You seem to be polite, quiet and not rude and I praise God for this. I congratulate you on the way you have conducted the elections today. I also congratulate the people who have been elected.”

Speaking at the function, the NRM Secretary General Rt Hon Richard Todwong applauded President Yoweri Museveni who is also the national party chairman for choosing him to lead the mighty party.

“I thank you for trusting me to lead the Secretariat of the party and the task you have given me and my colleagues will be delivered 100%,” Rt Hon Todwong said.

He urged leaders at all levels to get involved in party activities aimed at fighting poverty among the local population.

“The party Secretariat is committed and will  provide midterm performance reports to its members of parliament to give a check, link them to their constituencies and also check on their performance so that they know where to adjust,” he said. Todwong said this will help them improve service delivery in their constituencies.

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