President Museveni has said security agencies are responsible for the people who have in the past been reported as missing.

In his address to the nation , Gen . Museveni said that a number of Ugandans were arrested by different security agencies following the riots that preceded the 2021 general elections . He directed the security agencies to release all the names of people who are being detained .There has been wide public outcry following the disappearance of people in what many have termed a new form of panda gali (kidnapping of people ) especially in the central region . The address was attended by the Minister of ICT and National guidance Ms. Judith Nabakooba, Security Minister Gen. Elly Tumwine , CDF Gen. David Muhoozi among others.

Museveni explained that because of the November 18 and 19 violent riots that were sparked by the arrest of National Unity Platform presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi, security deployed heavily within the Kampala Metropolitan Area and other parts of the country. The heavy deployment was carried out to maintain peace and security during the elections period .

“Because of the misbehavior and plans to destablise the election, security forces deployed heavily. In the case of Kampala, we brought a commando unit that had been exemplary in Somalia. Towards the elections, we had new schemes of criminality. They would attack buildings and security personnel,” Museveni said while displaying images and footage of the rioters who beat , stripped naked women , stoned and burnt vehciles .

The President noted that the missing people were arrested by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), the intelligence wing of the UPDF and commando units.

“There were people who were arrested by CMI. They were in 2 categories which involved 177 who were granted bail or released. Another are 65 still being investigated. Their names should be made public so that this talk of disappearance is answered,” he said.

Gen .Museveni said another group of people were arrested by the commandos from Kyotera, Mpigi, Nakasongola and Kampala and noted these were 59 in number whereas 15 others arrested from Mukono have since been released.

He clarified that people who are arrested by security operaives driving vans (drones) without number plates are not missing but rather they are in the safe hands of security agencies .

“Therefore, the talk of disappearance should be ignored because it can’t happen under the NRM. Even if a mistake is made it will be addressed and answered. There is nothing we do and hide,” he said. “I was hearing in the papers that there is a stampede on the issue of disappearance. Every Ugandan under NRM will be accounted for.”

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