President Museveni Meets Kiira Motors Team Gives The Green Light To Explore Regional Markets For Kayoola Buses Made In Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni has met officials from Uganda’s Automotive Industry flagship Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC) led by the STI Minister Dr. Monica Musenero and given them a go ahead to explore regional markets .

This after the KMC CEO , Mr. Paul Issac Musasizi, informed President Museveni that the company’s premium products that include the Kayoola 2024 model fully electric buses and the Kayoola Diesel Coach (KDC) had undergone a successful market validation and received positive endorsement from clients about their efficient performance and world class -on board facilities .

Kayoola buses built and produced by Uganda’s automakers Kiira Motors are the first of a kind in the East and Central Africa region .

Musasisizi told the President that the Kayoola buses which were first rolled out in 2019 , had now successfully logged a combined 600,000 kilometers on the road across routes in all regions in Uganda, Nairobi, Naivasha, Mombasa in Kenya, Kigali Rwanda and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania without any registered mechanical problem thus cementing KMC and Uganda’s market leadership in championing home grown e- mobility solutions and production of high-quality products (the Kayoola buses.)

On his official social media handle X , President Museveni stated thus ,” I had a consultative meeting with the team from Kiira Motors at State House Entebbe. I am pleased with the progress of the Kayoola buses and the strategy they have for regional market expansion. We shall continue to support them.” The meeting was also attended by the State Minister for Foreign Affairs , John Mulimba and the KMC Executive Chairman Prof. Sandy Stevens Tickodri-Togboa.

About the Kayoola buses

Kiira Motors’ Kayoola 2024 model city bus is available as fully electric (Kayoola EVS) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
(Kayoola CNG), low-floor specifically designed for City Mass Transportation. The Kayoola City bus models range from 6-metre (15 passengers) to 18-metre (120 passengers).

At full charge, the Kayoola EVS can cover a range of up to 500 kilometres, whereas the Kayoola CNG can cover over 400 kilometres on a single full tank making it capable of seamlessly handling the daily Urban Mass Transportation duty cycle. Its favourable seating capacity offers great returns for the bus operator while enabling the reduction in congestion on the city roads.

The Kayoola Coach is available as fully electric (Kayoola e-Coach) with a range of up to 500 kilometres on a single charge or Diesel Powered (Kayoola Diesel Coach) or CNG powered (Kayoola CNG Coach). The variants range from 10-metre (43 passengers) to 13-metre (65 passengers).

Unique features

The bus is built to offer the utmost comfort and convenience with features like infotainment systems, CCTV cameras, E-Ticketing & Cashless Payment Systems, Wi-Fi, inclusive design for the elderly and persons with disabilities, USB charging, ample carrying capacity, and the highest quality and safety standards.

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